Japanese Painted Fern Screened Porch Side - Summer 2021

 Yesterday, I checked in some Bressingham Blue hostas that were planted in 2018 as bare root plants and had now grown to be fully established and thriving.  In that post, I mentioned that there was a Japanese Painted Fern planted in between some of the hostas.  I figured that fern deserved a proper [garden diary] update for Summer 2020.  You can see the fern below - it is happy and healthy, despite being crowded by the hostas.  

If you go back to the post showing when I bought and planted this fern in 2018 (bought for just $2 at Menards), I included a photo of the tag.  And that means that I can confirm this is a Pictum Japanese Painted fern.  My plan (as of yesterday) is to try to split up/divide the hostas this Fall to provide this fern with a little bit of space.  

As for growth history, here's what I have:

2018 - planted in Spring. Looks like it struggled due to Summer + transplant stress, but also likely because I ignored it, but it came back after a little bit of watering in the Fall.

2019 - made it thru the summer. https://blog.jakeparrillo.com/2019/09/japanese-painted-fern-northside-porch.html

2020 - Seemed like this fern was on auto-pilot and just kept on being in a good spot.  New growth without much care/tending.  

2021 - The photo you see above is from mid-June and it has some really bright fronds.  Kinda looks a little bit like the Ghost Ferns that I planted earlier this season


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