Bressingham Blue Hostas - Update - August 2021

Yesterday, I started a study or inventory of some potential hostas to think about digging up, dividing and transplanting during the month of September.  There are a bunch of candidates to think about in the backyard, but there are some that are most certainly on the no-dig, no-divide list.  At least this Fall.  I'm talking about some of the bareroot hostas that I planted earlier this Spring.  Starting with these (below) Bressingham Blue hostas that I planted back in late April.  That post lists eight in the planting.

But, today?  I see seven total plants that have withstood the Summer heat.  Two in the bac krow and five across the front of the border.  Below you can see the different sizes of the various Bressingham Blue hostas that have survived:

Some are, clearly, larger and most established than others.  I've babied these with water for most of the Summer, as they're planted adjacent to one of our new trees.  I'm thinking that seeing these grow up and out is a good sign that we'll get (hopefully) all seven to come back next Spring even bigger and stronger.  

Back in June, I was showing the same seven had made it out of the bare root status.  Behind these are supposed to be another staggered planting, followed by some new Oak leaf hydrangeas.  Those will come next season.

I planted these in a few different spots this year - back by the yews and at the screened porch corner - that I need to get out and document before Fall.  More to come on these and other hostas.


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