Front Lawn Cut Length and Domination Line - August 2021

Putting a few things in the [lawn diary] in this post: cut length + domination line.  First, the cut length.  Back in June, I posted about how I was using Hydretain to try to reduce watering while bringing my front yard lawn down one notch on my mower - to 4 out of 6.   The past few Summers, I cut the lawn at 6/6 and while it was dark green and lush, it started to fall over a bit and was probably *too long*.  I mean...the lawn looked great (2019 early August when it should be failing), but I wanted to push things a bit this year and see if I could handle the shorter cut.

I posted this image in 2019 showing how when my mower was set to 6/6, I was getting between 3.5" and 4" of grass length.  Knocking two spots off the mower height setting, I'm now seeing between 2" and 2.5" of height right now.  See below for the current length:

So far, so good.  We'll check back in with the lawn in late August after the full month of hot, hot heat has beaten the turf up a bit.

The second item for the [lawn diary] is a look at the domination line.  I posted a similar "domination line" back in 2019 here.  Below, is a photo I took one morning when I was out watering the front lawn:

That morning light hits so nice, doesn't it?  Double dark green from the Hydretain and Soil Mastery seems to be doing the job this year. 


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