Fall 2021 Gold Cone Juniper Check-in - October 2021

We have a trio of Gold Cone Junipers that I planted a few seasons ago in our backyard bed.  I put them in the ground in Spring 2019 and three growing seasons later, they're turning into something very different that I was thinking:  they're turning into a lollipop-like conifer.  These Gold Cone Junipers are notorious for splaying when snow piles on them, so that first season, I wired them up to help prevent that winter damage.  By that first Fall, they were showing some signs of stress.  Then, after their first Winter, they browned out...but came back in Summer. These also are more sun-loving than most things in our yard, so having them planted in the shade of a Walnut tree isn't ideal.  Not to mention....I planted these without consulting the plan, so they're sort-of orphaned here.  I don't necessarily WANT them here - nor does the plan call for them - but why rip them out now when I don't have anything else to plant there.  So, over the past few growing seasons - I've just left them alone. 

And that stress - and lack of sun - has created an effect that has transformed these:  the bottom half or so of these shrubs - which are multi-stemmed - is now dead and has dropped all the needles.  It has elevated the top of the shrub to look like it is up on stilts.  Below, you can see two of them in their current form:

In the middle of the photo above, you can see one of the small Canadian Hemlock trees that I planted in 2019.  Three planted, but just two remain.  I've kept them inside of the chicken wire fence since last Summer when I noticed some rabbit damage.  Those trees - when mature - will take up the space where these Gold Cone Junipers are currently planted.  When the tree starts to encroach on this space is when I'll think about removing them.  Until then, I'll just leave them as they are and enjoy their current form.


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