Mixed Northside Shrub Project - Green Giant Thujas Placement - April 2022

Yesterday, I showed the location of three upright evergreens - Green Giant Thujas - that work in part shade for our backyard.  Those were in what I'm calling the "Lilac Replacement" slice of the south bed.  Today, I'm showing the *approximate* placement of the three other that I bought:  these go on the northside mixed bed behind the London Plane tree.  There currently is a scrub shrub that I've left (for now), but requires pruning to get these two close to their spots.  Below is where I'm (currently) thinking of putting these down.  Now...tree roots may have me moving them a bit, but this is MOSTLY their locations:

They'll be 'fronted' by four lilacs that I'll transplant here - in purple.  The Nocture on the left (they're shorter) and the common on the right (they get taller). 

As I mentioned yesterday, it seems that planting THESE three is the first in a series of dominos that can fall:  clean up tree above/scrub shrub --> plant thujas --> dig up and transplant lilacs --> dig up and transplant some yews and lungwort --> plant other three thujas --> buy tardiva hydrangeas.


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