Spring Nursery Finds: Slender Hinoki Cypress - April 2022

The tour of conifer trees that I spotted at the Big Box nursery continues today with a look at the third tree that I've come to know: the Slender Hinoki Cypress.  Earlier this week, I posted the hardship of seeing a Japanese White Pine.  And then about my mixed and uncertain feelings about seeing a columnar Norway Spruce.  Today?  Another tree that I 'dreamed' about back in 2019:  The Slender Hinoki Cypress.  You can see the label below:  Hinoki False Cypress - Chameacyparis obtusa 'Gracilis'.

Of the three that I've recently posted (White Pine, Columnar Norway Spruce and this Slender Hinkoki Cypress), this one is THE ONE THAT MAKES THE MOST SENSE.   If I'm going to buy one of them, this *should* be the one.  But, three questions remain:  Will I pull the trigger?  Is it the right move (priority-wise)?  And...WHERE should it go?  

The first two are debatable.

The last one, there seems to be a few spots:  Replace the dead Japanese White Pine.   Put it in a box is another option that - if I could keep it alive - PRESERVES future options.

But, where else?  This post outlines some front-yard options.  Nothing jumps out.  There's the spot under the Norway Maple that could use some evergreen where one of my Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas died due to hydrophobic mulch.   Another spot is further down - in between two driveways.  Certainly has full sun.  And there's space.  Also, the 'inspiration photo' - found down in this post - shows similar trees. 

This post shows some backyard spots.  A couple of them as 'screening' to the north?  Maybe.  But, what about that fountain idea?  These would be GREAT - ON TOP - of that wall.  But, the wall isn't built.  A better spot might be in the expansion of the tiny, corner bed off the patio that I created last year.  Planted now, it helps create part of the 'hide and reveal' idea.  

I'll continue to 'dream' about this Slender Hinoki Cypress until one of two things happen:  I buy one.  Or, they all sell out.  

Until next time I see one.


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