Tree (Shrub) Dreaming: Slender Hinoki Cypress - Winter 2019

With the hard gardening days on me in mid-January (and not being a seed catalog guy), I've turned to dreaming about trees, shrubs and grasses.  And that means that today, I'll post another 'tree dreaming' post to create a document/reference post for future use in my landscape/garden/backyard planning.  A few days back, I shared two deciduous columnar trees that I wanted to create reference posts about here on the blog: the Columnar Swedish Aspen and the Dakota Pinnacle Birch.

Today, I'm posting about the Slender Hinoki Cypress.  I'm filing this under [columnar trees], but I suppose this is technically a 'narrow, upright form' and not necessarily columnar.  And...technically, this is a shrub, not a tree.  But...this is my garden diary, so I'm calling the shots.

The Slender Hinoki Cypress is 'pyramidal form' that has new growth with  'ferny appearance'.  Love that.

Via Monrovia:

Description via this Monrovia listing.  

I've dreamed of other columnar and narrow-habit conifers here on the blog including a Columnar Norway Spruce and a Weeping Cedar (which I bought, planted and....ummm, died)

I also dreamed and planted a Columnar Weeping White Spruce that I'm hoping is going to make it through this first Winter.  And we planted a Dwarf Alberta Spruce in our backyard this past Spring that has a nice narrow, pyramidal habit too.  Not columnar.  But, technically a "tree"...despite it's tiny size.

But, back to this Slender Hinoki Cypress.  It first appeared on the blog in this post that covers the columnar tree list from Pretty Purple Door.  I love the way it looks - just have a peek at this young tree from The Tree Center on the right here.   The way this one moves back and forth from the base to the tip is a lovely look.

And those needles.  Is that what they are?  They're not leaves.

I have a tiny bit of exposure to cypress Hinoki as my first (ever) toedip into bonsai/topiary was with a tiny Cypress Hinoki that I took a bit too far and killed.  I loved the needles on that tree.

That experience, coupled with my visits to the garden at Gotenyama in Tokyo has put this back on the list of species that I'd like to find and add to the garden.

As I post more of these 'tree dreaming posts', I suppose I should do a property inventory of my columnar tree dreams.  These are trees that if I come across, I'd be hard-pressed to not add to our yard:
Based on this read, I think this should go in the "Japanese" section of the garden.  Now...where will that be?


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