3 Little Lime Hydrangeas Planted + Azalea Transplanting - June 2022

At the beginning of June, I showed off the three 2# Little Lime Hydrangeas that I brought home as part of our backyard landscape plan.  I wanted them to fill in right in front of the apple tree Belgian Fence espalier on the north side of the yard - under the Tree Swing Northern Red Oak tree.

In order to get these three in the ground, I first has to dig up and transplant an existing shrub: An Azelea.  This flowering shrub has been in the ground for a number of years and, in reality, was in a terrible spot.  It flowers (barely), but is leggy and not happy here.  I started by digging up the azalea while trying to keep the rootball totally intact and surrounded by soil.  See below for the spade I used to dig this azalea up - right in front of the Belgian Fence espalier:

I decided to move this one out further west to a more-sunny spot in the backyard.  

With these being #13, #14 and #15 shrubs planted, I thought I'd revisit my initial list:

  • 5 Oakleaf Hydrangeas.  Planted and done. 
  • 8 Viburnum.  4 treeform bought.  3 planted in back.  1 in front.  Call it 5 remaining.
  • 3 Little Lime Hydrangeas.  
  • 3 Tardiva Hydrangeas
  • 1 Panicle Hydrangea.  Planted one of the Doublefile Viburnum here.  
  • 6-8 upright evergreens  Planted six Green Giant Thujas in two spots.
  • 6-8 boxwoods and/or Yews - 3 Green Velvet planted IB2DW.  (at least) 3 left. 
The 3 Tardiva Hydrangeas are the next on my 'get list'.  


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