Sunburned Hostas - Sideyard - July 2022

Over the years, I've dug-up, transplanted and even divided a series of hostas of various varieties along the foundation and around the corner of our kitchen windows from the back of the fence to the Karl Foerster Grasses that are planted right below the windowsThis post from June 2020 shows how a series of hostas that were from teardowns had grown and thrived in this spot.  I ended up digging a bunch of these up, moving some and dividing others.  Leaving us with a row of three Lancifolia Hostas from the fence gate to the corner of the house.  

They seemed fine.  Until this year.  Have a look at the photo below.  These are, I'm pretty sure...sun burned hostas. some people call it:  hosta scorch.  

Could I be giving these hostas more water?  Sure.  But, I'm not sure that's really the problem.  This seems like a situation where these aren't a fit.  They'll need to be moved and replaced with something that can handle more sun.  

This situation has me rethinking that I *thought* was frost damage on some of our other hostas - the ones under our Frans Fontaine Hornbeams.  I posted some photos from October of 2020 that showed some leave damage that I chalked up to 'delayed frost damage'.  That's what Monty Don called it.  (and..we all know what we think of Monty Don, right?  Like...if someone is going to be RIGHT, it is going to be him, isn't it?). Well....Monty is *probably* correct.  But, I'm now...a little uncertain.  Delayed frost damage?  Or sunburn/sun scorch?  

Transplanting these to a more shady spot solves the issue for THESE hostas.  But, it also opens up a whole different challenge:  what to replace them with in this mostly sunny spot?  



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