15 Lancifolia Hostas Transplanted - South Bed Border - April 2021

Yesterday, I posted a photo showing the new location of the dozen Fanal Astilbes that I transplanted out to the edge of their new bed and commented that that was the FIRST of a few posts showing the transplanting that I have been doing this Spring.   Today, the photo below shows the new location of 15 teardown hostas that I planted on the southside of the yard in the curved border of this new bed.  You can see the first three on the left taking the 'second row' spot and if you look closely, there are two more in the 'second row' under the Oak tree at the top of the photo:

Here's an annotated version of that photo showing the 15 hostas:

A few important notes:

1. These hostas are (I'm pretty sure) Lanifolia Hostas.  Based on this "What hosta do I have?" page, I found this Lancifolia page in the Hosta Library.  Things check out.  I inherited them when we moved in.  They're plain green with glossy leaves. 

2.  They get to a nice size - if left alone - with enough time. Have a look at some of the large versions of these very same hostas when they were planted near the hose bib. 

3.  Most of these were pulled up from the Northside bed - underneath the Dawn Redwood, divided and put into their locations here.  But, two of them were part of one of the hose-area hostas that I transplanted last year.  

4.  I planted them a good distance away from the edge of the bed.  See #2 above.

5.  This was NOT on the plan.  What is called for in this area is actually NO perennials.  Just a couple of larger Canadian Hemlocks to the edge of the beds.  That's not going to happen this year, so I thought creating a curved border with these hostas that I have on hand was the right move.

6.  I have some variegated hostas from the same area under the Redwood that I'm planning on digging up, dividing and transplanting.  I'm thinking that I'll take a few of them and make an alternating second row behind these green ones.

7.  In the photo above, you can see a few other things that will get their own posts.  First, the Everillo Sedges that I put in the ground last year.  Also a Waterslide Hosta from that same planting session and a couple of Allium bulbs leaf'ing out.  And, finally, two new lime green Coral Bells that I bought this season.  All will be posted in the coming days.

Up next in my transplant list are a few of the Japanese Forest Grasses and some ferns.  

Also note to self:  Posting this in May, but this work took place on April 24, 2021.


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