Amsonia Butterscotch - Year Two - August 2022

Last Spring, I bought three Butterscotch Amsonia from the Morton Arboretum plant sale - after reading about how they're texture superstars in the garden.  I planted them as an intermediate layer - behind a row of Fanal Astilbes and in front of a series of Oakleaf Hydrangeas.  I spaced them out pretty far (based on the recommended spacing).  What do they look like today?  They've filled in and starting to put on size.  See below:

They're all kind of leaning towards the east - where the sun is located - but are doing what they're supposed to do:  add a fine leaf texture to the garden.  Compare the size to what they looked like in October of last year (when they were yellowing for the first time) and you can see that they've put on both height and width.  


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