Pink and Green Shade Flower Container - Front Porch - August 2022

That (above) is our front porch seasonal flower container for Summer 2022.   Earlier this Spring, we planted this long, rectangular container with pansies that were cold-hardy.  Last month, I finally got around to planting this with Summer annuals.    Last year, we went with a more bold and wild container, so this year, I went a little more subdued.  

I don't love pink flowers in my garden, but when I was the Big Box nursery, I found a few pink things that I thought might work in our front porch box.  This is a pretty shady spot - it gets a tiny bit of morning sun, but is in the shade for 98% of the day. 

What's in here?  First...there are a pair of Fiber Optic grasses.  I dug those out of the back patio container since they were being swallowed up by the Petunias.  They won't be missed.   Then there's a purple Sweet Potato vine, some simple shade Begonias and pink Polka Dot plants.   All the containers are below.

The Polka Dot plants are something that I've wanted to try - and have posted about them a few times.  Here for inspiration from the Morton Arboretum.  And then again - on my 2022 to-do list - when I talked about working with some shade annuals.  

This container is shown after about a week of being planted, so I'll keep an eye on it in a couple of weeks to see how it fills in.


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