Norway Maple Tree - In Decline - September 2022

After years of fighting to try to keep our large, signature front-yard Norway Maple tree alive, we've made the difficult decision to have it removed.  We tried everything - giving it a growth regulator, feeding it, pruning it.  But, the tree continues to decline.  Every time we experience a storm of any meaning, we lose a limb.  

I'm having a few firms come out to give us a price, but within a couple of weeks, this tree will no longer be gracing our front yard.  I'm not quite sure that I've come to grips with the size of the impact the removal will have on our landscape, but I know it will be massive.  

My brain already moves to thinking about what to replace it with - and if we can get the replacement in the ground this Fall.  My normal move for tree planting is to find SMALL trees that can handle the transplant, but this location calls for something else - something larger - as an investment.  That way, we can enjoy the tree WHILE we live here.  

I'm also thinking about how the shrubs and plants *under* this tree have suffered as they have had to compete with the Norway Maple.  Once the tree is removed, I'm hoping they'll be happier.  Maybe that's just me trying to find the silver lining of seeing our huge tree removed.  

More to come when the tree comes down and what we'll replace it with soon.


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