Lancifolia Hostas Divided - October 2022

This is the third in a series of posts showing a few of the various hosta divisions that I've been doing lately in our backyard.  First was the two (new) hostas that I tucked in around the big Oak tree in our south border.   Then, the two (new) Bressingham Blue hostas that I transplanted over on the northside by the Doublefile Viburnum treeform.  Today's 'free plants' post shows off two (new) Lancifolia hostas that I took from a three-way division out by the original Autumn Ferns.  

Below is a photo that shows the three Lancifolia Hostas amongst some other foliage.  The original location is in the front/center of the photo.  And the two new ones are both directly 'behind' and 'behind and to the left' of the original/mother hosta.   They look droop-y right now, but Lancifolia hostas are vigorous growers, so I'm not worried about them.  They'll show up strong come Spring.

Lancifolia Hosta after Fall Division

Below is the 'before' look at this area.  You can see the trio of Lancifolia hostas that were present.  I only divided the one on the left.  The middle one might be ready for division this year, too.

#12 on my 2022 to-do list was to 'add more free plants through division'.  This season, I've (now) put in six new hostas (three originals divided three ways), so that's a good start.   There are a few more hostas that need to be divided and some that just need to be moved in the next week or two.  I'd like to end up with more than ten net-new plants through Fall division.  That feels like an A-level grade, right?


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