Winter Nimblewill In Lawn Progress Report - January 2023

This past season, I finally figured out that our backyard was infested with a warm-season grass/weed called Nimblewill and came up with a plan to treat it in place while not doing a full cool-season grass renovation.  That started with using a post-emergent spray called Tenacity - which caused the Nimblewill to white-out and die.  

Once that ran its course, I then began a project using a pre-germination seed technique followed by a project to overseed the lawn with a mix of Kentucky Blue Grass and Tall Fescue.  Which...after some watering...resulted in a bunch of new germination.

And, while I was happy with the result in the Fall with new, green grass filling in plenty of bare spots, I knew the real, important results, would be visible once the lawn went totally dormant.  That's because, the Nimblewill is a warm-season grass and totally dies back once the temperature drops.  Which, historically have left us with a bunch of bare spots in the lawn and other areas with white, dead Nimblewill.  When I look out at the backyard lawn now - in Winter dormancy - I don't see so many of those bare, white spots but rather a more-full lawn that is the result of the overseeding project.  See below for a peek at part of the lawn:

Is it perfect?  No. See below for some more-white/more-bare spots that will likely require a Tenacity treatment this year.   I went into this Nimblewill project knowing that it was going to take multiple seasons to eradicate this stuff.  

The photo above shows some of those more Nimblewill-prone areas near the firepit that I need to focus on with both spray and (perhaps) a Spring seeding project.  


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