More Tulips in Front Yard - February 2023

Just yesterday, I posted some photos of the first tulips that I was able to spot in our front yard beds (in between two driveways down by the sidewalk) and mentioned that I wasn't sure if there were going to be more up by the house.  We took down the large Norway Maple tree and replaced it with a Triumph Elm last Fall.  As part of that process, the crew ground out the stump and with it (I presume) a bunch of the bulbs that I planted around the base on the tree.  

But, life finds a way.  See the photo below that shows the trunk of the Triumph Elm up on a bit of a berm. the very bottom of the photo - in the middle - you'll see some tulip bulb tips:

And, so too, have the tulips down around our parkway tree emerged.  See below for a few photos:


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