Weeping White Spruce - Spring Growth - June 2023

2023 appears to be an 'on year' in terms of evergreen growth on our small Weeping White Spruce in the backyard.  The photo below shows the flush of greenish-blue needles that have grown out this Spring on and are covering the tree.  It also shows the slightest bit of apical meristem growth (hooray!), potentially signal'ing that we can get this tree back on the right path vertically-speaking.  

Young Weeping White Spruce

I planted this small tree all the way back in 2019 - which means this is the fourth growing season - and the tree has NOT GROWN in height at all.  I'd say that this tree is just about the exact same size (height-wise) that it was when I planted it.  The tip of the tree is below the top of the lower fence (and it was when I planted it).  

I've documented this tree over the years and we had a pretty significant setback in 2021 - when the drought got to it an I saw quite a bit of needle drop a dead limbs.  The tree had shrunk about half-in-size after losing needles.  But, by Fall, it appears to have stabilized.  

Last Spring (May 2022), the tree put on a small amount of Spring growth.  This year's growth appears to be like 3 or 4X 2022's.  

I planted this tree because of this photo (from this post) showing a narrow, upright tree.  Here's hoping that we'll see even more upright growth after it settles in for the Summer. 


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