Cascade Hops Vine Summer Update - July 2023

The Cascade Hops Vine (Humulus Cascade Hops) has grown up the small, temporary trellis and is covering a good-sized width of the fence behind the plant these days.  Below, is a photo showing the Hops vine as it stands today - happy foliage and plenty of vines seeking upward growth.

I planted this vine in Summer 2021, so this the third growing season and last year, I added some wire (screwed to the fence) as a trellis for it to grow up.   The vine quickly consumed that trellis and wants EVEN MORE.

In terms of fruit, it threw off some of those beautiful hops in the first season (August), but struggled last Summer and started to turn yellow by early September.    I'll watch this August to see if we get any hops.   

One thing that is certain - I have to do even more trellis-wise on this next year.  Maybe it is up a wire?  Or around a hoop?  


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