Disneyland Roses - Second Flush of Blooms - August 2023

The three Disneyland Roses (Floribunda roses) that are planted in full sun on the south side of our house are currently in the midst of their second bloom cycle of the growing season.  The first set of blooms this season were in early/mid June.  Now, about six-weeks later, we're seeing the next flush of pink/orange/salmon blooms.  See below for a look at some of the Disneyland Roses in mid-Summer:

Here, below, is a look at the three Disneyland Roses (along with the pair of Sugar Tyme Crabapple trees that are in espalier) along the side of our house:

In 2022, I saw four bloom cycles - June, August, late September and again in early November.  Yes...November.  

My plan is to feed these this week and then one more time (September) before putting a stop to the seasonal fertilizer for the season.  


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