Front Porch Bed Update - Boxwoods, Allium, Marigolds - September 2023

 Four months ago, I planted five (5) one-gallon Green Velvet boxwoods in our front porch bed in line with the other ones that existed in that same bed.  My plan was to sort-of 'extend' that low mound of evergreen shrubs down past the new Elm tree and wrapping around the corner.  I also (in June) planted a number of Summer Beauty Allium and Sesleria Autumnalis grasses in front of both the old and new boxwoods.  

With the heat of Summer behind us, how did they all fare and what do the shrubs and perennials (and...annual French dwarf Marigolds) look like in late September?  I'd say pretty good.  See below for current state of that curved bed:

All five Green Velvet Boxwoods are doing well and putting on a tiny bit of height.  The Allium have exploded and are double-or-triple their original (quart) size.  And the stars of the show are those French Marigolds.  I've been telling myself that I need to be a bit more choosy when it comes to Home Depot plants; there are some that make sense like Ajuga.  But, these Marigolds are something that I'd like to replicate next year, perhaps even bigger if I both wrap them around the corner and (potentially) extend the bed out a little further.  


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