Totem Pole Ornamental Grass Update - September 2023

In the Spring of 2021 (two growing seasons ago), I bought a singular (broke the rule of buying multiples), large-scale ornamental grass named Prairie Winds Totem Pole - Panicum virgatum.  Planted it on the edge of the front porch bed as a vertical accent.   What caught my attention at the Morton Sale?  The height of this grass being listed as 72" tall - 6 feet tall.   

It came back in May of 2022 - and is a late starter every season.  A year after planting, the grass was still small, but by the end of the growing season, it was probably four-feet-tall or so.  And had some nice Winter Interest.  

But, that front porch bed has changed quite a bit in the last year - the Norway Maple is gone.  Replaced by a smaller Triumph Elm.   That has opened up this bed to more light and reduced root competition.   And the results on this ornamental grass?  The tallest it has ever been - and close to the promised 6-foot-height when you count the seed heads.  See below for current view of this tall grass:

Totem Pole Ornamental Grass

This can take (at least) one more year before being considered for division, but I should start to think about where else I'd like to use this tall, upright, vase-like vertical accent grass in the front and backyards. 


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