Menards Mickey and Minnie Christmas Blowmolds - 2019

At the beginning of the month, I posted a couple of photos of the beginning of Menards Christmas setup at their Bolingbrook store.  The 'Enchanted Forest" is something that I look forward to every year as they always have some new items to check out.  Anybody who has been in a big box store during the holidays the past few years will attest that there is a HUGE market for inflatable outdoor decorations.  I've succumbed to the inflatable trend and we have a couple of BIG ones we put out at Halloween.  

But, Menards is also holding strong with the blowmold market.  They put out holiday blowmolds for Halloween - and I've covered them here on the blog before - and looking at the analytics of this site, that's a popular post, so plenty of people are looking for Halloween Blowmolds from Menards.  

They also do quite a bit of Christmas blowmolds as part of their Enchanted Forest including these two you see above:  Mickey Mouse Christmas blowmold and Minnie Mouse Christmas blowmold.  Here's the Menards listing for the Mickey Mouse one.  And for the Minnie Mouse one is here.  

Mickey is 24" tall.  While Minnie is 22" tall - which is attributed to the ball on top of Mickey's hat.  They not very big.  Ad...They're not cheap, but the licensing costs something, right?  

But, these being blowmolds means that they'll hold up year after year.  They might fade a little, but they won't go to pot in the cold.  We have one blowmold set - a Santa and Reindeer that I've put out at our old house in Elmhurst, but haven't put up in Downers Grove yet.  I've only ever put them stable on the ground (flat) with a couple of reindeer in front of the sleigh.  Check them out in this post from 2011 and you can see what I'm talking about.  I've always wanted to put them 'up in the air' with at least one or two of the reindeer 'taking off'.   I even went so far as to insert a couple of eyelets into a tree in our front yard last season, but then things got busy and I never even got around to putting them in the yard.  We also didn't - for the first time in ten years or so - put in a 'front yard tree' like we usually do.  

For me, blowmolds are kind of old fashioned.  Vintage, almost.  Inflatables are what most people are buying today, but drive past a blowmold nativity scene in your neighborhood and your mind - if it is like mine - goes back to the 80's or 70's and you just know that the family there has either had that blowmold little Joseph and Mary and Baby Jesus for a number of years, or they have a love of vintage Christmas and wanted to have something in their yard that reminds them of years ago.  

I'm going to try to find the time to get our Santa and Reindeer blowmold set out this year.  And maybe even put in that 'front yard tree' like we used to do.  Remind my own self of 'years ago'.  Even if it was just three years ago.  Christmas is for traditions, right?  


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