365 Posts for 2019

Today marks the 365th post on the blog - one per day - that spans the entirety of 2019.  And this marks the seventh year since I started counting that I've done that very thing: post online once per day, every day.  This also marks five straight years of posting on the blog - dating back to December 31st, 2014 when I posted from Coloma, Michigan.   Loved spending New Year's Eve there.

This year, I'm posting from the "new" Lake - in a different state.   And I love spending NYE here, too!

I posted 136 times (the first one this year was February 20th) in the [Garden Diary].  Means that the garden diary accounted for almost 40% of the total posts here. 

If I've hit five years, why not go for six, right?  Here's to a great 2020 in the garden.  And on the blog. 

For those keeping track at home, here are the years that I hit a post-a-day:

2019 (here's last year's post)
2016 (366 posts due to Leap Year)
2012 - posted 354 times.  Just short!


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