Christmas Tree Hosta - August 2020

Yesterday, I posted a photo of a teardown hosta that I've determined is a Ventricosa Hosta with deep purple flowers, and today, I wanted to share another photo of a unique hosta that we have in our backyard:  the Christmas Tree hosta.  I planted this Christmas Tree hosta back in May of 2018 after finding it at the garden center of Menards

What is a Christmas Tree hosta?  From this listing on New Hampshire Hostas, they describe it like this:
'Christmas Tree' Hosta produces dark green leaves with a thin yellow margin that fades to creamy white in the summer, and occasionally streaks to the center of the leaf. 
Forms an attractive mound of rounded leaves that are cupped and heavily corrugated.
This is the third growing season and while the plant has grown, it isn't a massive clump just yet - so I haven't attempted to dig it up and divide it just yet.  It is planted around the large Oak tree (with the swing) on the side of the tree that is facing the yard/patio.  This is on the opposite side of the tree as the ten or so variegated hostas that I transplanted earlier this Summer

I really like this variety as the white outline on the edge of the leaves is really quite thin compared to the rest of the variegated ones that we have in our backyard.  I'm hoping that this one will continue to grow, so I can divide it up and make a few more hostas in this bed.

With the hostas that I *know* the names of, I've been documenting their growth over time.  Most recently it was the Ventricosa.  But, before that - and earlier this Summer - I shared details of a new Shadowland Empress Wu hosta and a series of Guacamole Hostas that we had bought for us at Hinsdale Nursery. 

One thing that you can note from the photo above if the Christmas Tree hosta:  the leaves have been roughed up - either from our Automower, the kids trouncing on it, or some critter that is nibbling on the leafage.  I'll try to keep an eye on it for the balance of the Summer and see if I can figure it out.


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