Morning Mist At Randall Park - Late Summer 2020

One of the big things that I've started to do every work day ever since we were put into lockdown and I stopped going to the office was getting out for a walk.  It started with a mid-day walk up and down the block a few times a week to loosen up my back and my Psoas muscle.  But, at some point, it changed to a 'first thing in the morning' walk.    For a while, the sun was coming up on my walks and I was greeted with the first light of the day.  I posted a photo from one of these walks back in June when we were up in Wisconsin.  You can see the daylight/sunrise in that photo.

Recently, the days have grown darker in the mornings and I now leave and get back to our house all in the dark.  That's brought some new experiences - including skunks, possums and raccoons picking at cans on the curb on garbage days.

But, it also has shown me some interesting weather experiences like what you see in the photos above and below from Randall Park in our neighborhood.  Randall Park is located kind of down in a low area.  The land slopes down from the streets that bound the park and the houses that border the park.

I think that low land location creates a unique atmospheric situation that when the temperature fluctuates just a little bit from day to night and back to day again, there's this really beautiful mist that is present in the park early in the morning.

Now, each morning when I go by Randall Park (Here's a page featuring details of the Randall Park Neighborhood in Downers Grove and some of the posts that I've shared from in/around the area), I'm looking for the mist or fog and it makes me think about Halloween - which is coming up oh so soon.  I know that if I wasn't out and about very early in the am in our neighborhood, I would have never experienced this little weather treat.

I've posted about the Randall Park neighborhood in Downers Grove over the years here including how this Summer I spotted a little garden train (on a similar morning walk) and some of the neighborhood traditions like the Christmas Eve luminaries and the great Fairmount Ave Block Party that is a soap box derby.


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