Twinkle Toes Lungwort - Fall Plant Sale - September 2020

We have no blue flowering plants in our yard - so when we came across a full shade, blue-flowering perennial at the Fall Plant Sale - Nat said that we had to buy them.  These are NOT on my plan, but since they're Full Shade, they can go just about anywhere.   We bought three of these (and one more for Nat's Mom) for our backyard.  

Walter's Garden describes these as being complimentary to hostas and ferns: 

This beautiful shade perennial will make you dance with its impressive spring flowers and unique foliage. Starting in mid-spring shortly after Hellebores are finished booming, dainty light periwinkle blue flowers cover a low, mounded habit. After the flowers fade, you can enjoy its dark green leaves that are lightly sprinkled with silver. This plant will thrive in part shade to full shade as long as you provide moisture. Pulmonaria is an underused perennial that grows well in shady gardens. It is especially attractive when planted among hostas, ferns, and brunneras. Its flowers are among the most brilliantly colored blossoms of all perennials.

I'm thinking of a couple of places for these - maybe putting these adjacent to the ferns and hostas that I recently transplanted on the north side OR around the Dwarf Alberta Spruce on the south side of our fenceline.  

The three that I bought are small - in one gallon nursery pots that you can see below where it shows off the dappled silver leaves.  They have a furry feeling to them - kind of like Lamb's Ear.  

Here's a video showing these off from Walter's Garden:

2020 Morton Arboretum Fall Plant Sale Posts:


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