Disneyland Rose Transplanted - To Southside (Sunny) from Back

All the way back in the late Summer of 2017, Nat's Mom sent us a Disneyland Rose as an anniversary present.  It was our first rose and I planted it in a bed that had basically nothing in it - right outside of our kitchen windows.  But, it was quickly clear that this was in the wrong spot.  

The following Fall (2018), we acquired two more Disneyland Roses, but this time, I planted them in on the southside of our house, along the foundation.  And, they've fared pretty well. 

But the initial one, planted in the wrong spot wasn't doing as well. 

So, this year, a portion of #6 on my 2021 to-do list was to transplant the rose to be over by the other ones.  

I did a little bit of research on the timing and prep for transplanting a floribunda rose and figured out a couple of things:  

1.  Do it in late winter/early spring.  When the ground is soft enough to work the hole.
2.  Pre-dig the hole on the destination side before you even deal with the rose itself.

So, that's the path I followed.  And earlier this week, I moved this first one over by the other ones.

Here's what it looks like post-transplant below.  I'm going to let it settle in, then give it a little pruning:

And, this photo below gives you a sense for the new location compared to the others.  The newly transplanted one is at the far left. 

And, here (below) is the former home of the initial Disneyland Rose outside of our kitchen window.

I haven't paid the most attention to our roses over the years and they've mostly just been fine, but I'm thinking with the transplant shock this year, I'm going to have to give this new one some additional attention.

As for the placement, there are now three of them spaced across the side of our house.  What I'm thinking is that this is the best place to take my next step on my espalier journey.  I can see two espalier'd trees on the house on that side - and outlined that vision in this post from February of this year.  Something flowering, perhaps?  Like a crabapple?  And, perhaps in a fan pattern?  When I do that (have to remember to hunt for tree deals), I'll be making a move against #15 on my 2021 to-do list.

That seems like the first step to doing more in this area that gets a lot of Summer sun.  Maybe some of the peonies should move over here, too?  They've struggled so much in the past in the deep shade of our lot.  


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