Early Spring Feeding for Hydrangeas and Roses - May 2021

Putting this post in the [garden diary] so I remember what I did in terms of feeding some of my existing shrubs and flowers in the beds.  First, I fed my Disneyland Roses for the first time this year - using this product from Jobe's below - called Knockout Rose food.  Mine aren't knock-out roses, but this is the only organic Rose food that the Home Depot was carrying when I was there. 

I also fed all of my hydrangeas with Hollytone (no photo), but I used the entire bag.  I spread Hollytone around all seven of the Oakleaf Hydrangeas, the one teardown hydrangea and the two early ones (Tuff Stuff and Everlasting Revolution) in the backyard.  In the front yard, I hit the pair of Limelights, the four Vanilla Strawberry across the front porch and the one, lone Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea on the other side of the driveway.  Since this stuff is for acid-loving plants, I also put some in/around the pair of Rhododendrons by our back stoop.

I also planted some new items (that I'll share soon) including some lime-colored Heucheras, some new (to me) ferns and even (wait for it....my first Japanese Maple).  With those, I sprinkled some of this Bio-tone Starter Plus from Espoma in the soil to help those things get established.

I still have to feed my trees with spikes and feed the boxwoods and yews and even hostas - which I'll do with Milorganite (or a replacement organic) that will finish my early Spring feeding of the beds.  

For the roses, the instructions say to feed monthly, so I'll repeat the rose feeding in the end of May, June, July, etc.


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