Nat's Fiddlehead Fig Tree Joins The Container Diary - February 2022

My reasons for keeping my own [garden diary] are the usual ones:  get smarter (make better choices) and to document changes over time (appreciate wins/losses).  I've taken that same approach to some of our indoor house plants.  I'm interested in understanding what they look like during different seasons - seeing if they're growing, if they're in trouble, etc.  That's covered my Staghorn Fern, my Standing Mickey Topiary and even one of our umbrella plants. Just this past week, I documented my re-soil'ing of my Maidenhair Fern.  But, I haven't tracked - via my [container diary] the largest houseplant we have:  Nat's Fiddlehead Fig Tree.  I don't exactly know how long we've had it, but I know it was introduced in our new house - at some point.  It sits in a room that has southern exposure and has just grown and grown.  This isn't a plant that I tend to - at all.  This one is all Nat.  She waters it.  Feeds it.  Cleans it.  Turns it.    All that I've done is transplant it once into a larger container. 

These Fiddlehead Fig trees are popular - you can find them at places like Costco in certain seasons.  That popularity is earned based on our experience.  The tree grows well, is very attractive and doesn't beg for much attention.  You can buy small ones - and we have - but I don't know how long it would take to grow into something meaningful.  As for is a good one as it has a 'split' leader.  That's a desirable trait.  People are 'topping' their tree to stimulate multiple leaders. 

Ours has a single trunk (that's still pretty skinny.  More on that below...) that splits into dual leaders about chest-height.  For tracking purposes, I wanted to include a photo here showing the height and divide between the two limbs.  

It really is quite a lovely tree and seems to really like sitting in this corner.  Being able to appreciate the height and scale over time via photos is part of my plan, but I also wanted to begin to measure the trunk growth.  Here, below, is a look at the current trunk diameter.  I measured 6" up from the soil/moss (you can see the black sharpie line).  We're just under 1" in diameter here in early February 2022. 

Will have to put a note in my calendar to take another photo and measurement in Summer, post Spring/Early-Summer growth.


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