Shaggy Boxwoods By Patio - Pre-Shaping - June 2022

One of the projects in the backyard that I've been eying since we arrived home from vacation is to clean up and shape the boxwoods that we have close to our patio in back.  They're pretty shaggy right now and have grown together a bit after being in the ground for four growing seasons.  You can see their current state as shaggy boxwoods below:

A little history - these were planted in 2018.  And I pruned them for the first time in Spring of 2019.  I haven't touched them since.  

Why?  Because I found some inspiration both on the Web and in person.  First...these Jacques Wirtz cloud hedges that have grown together and are shaped in one big mass.  And then this mass of boxwoods that are in Memphis at the FedEx Worldwide Headquarters.  

The Fall of 2019, they started to put on some size.   And a year later - Fall 2020 - they had grown even closer together.  

It seems that the time has come to shape these, but (right now), I don't have shears.  Seems there are a couple of options:  electric shears or hand shears.  These Niwaki shears are what the heart wants.  But these $30 SunJoe shears are what the head wants.   Seems I'll sort in the coming weeks and hope to get these shaped up before long.


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