Gloria Purpurea Astilbes - Summer Check-in - July 2022

Last year, I planted a series of bareroot astilbes - Gloria purpurea - in our backyard around the base of one of the flowering pear trees.  I stuck them there without much thought and early enough in the growing season that not everything *around* them had grown in just yet.  At the time, it looks like I planted six bareroot plants.   I was out in the garden recently and had a look at these.  See below for a photo showing this little slice of the bed:

By my count, I see THREE Astilbes that have made it.  As I think back, I'm *pretty sure* that I recall that some of the bareroot starts were small, so I tucked more than one in the hole.  Perhaps I doubled all of them up and ended up with just three?

Whatever the case, I'm now seeing these crammed in amongst the tree trunk and a trio of hostas.

Which, leads me to think I need to do something here:  transplant these astilbes to a different location.

They need a bit of room to spread out.

But, where?  The little slice of Japanese-inspired garden with ferns and heucheras could use a pop of color.  So, too, could the fire pit borders.  

I'm going to start a new tag here to remind me what I need to do when the temperatures drop.  For now, I'll park some posts at [Fall 2022] for things that I need to revisit.

Transplanting these purple Astilbes is now the first item on that list.

But, so should be moving these sunburned hostas.  And, maybe moving some of these smaller Frances Williams hostas that are crammed in around the tree swing treeFilling in some gaps with tulip bulbs, too. 


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