Anchor Christmas Ale 2022 - Blue Gum Tree - Christmas 2022

We were over at Nat's folks house and (like they do EVERY YEAR), they had some Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale on hand ahead of the Christmas holidays.  I've posted photos and details of this 'Special Ale' over the years here on the blog where the beer is less interesting to me, but the drawings of the trees are what I'm drawn to when it comes to this annual Christmas beer. 

This year's beer is inspired by an Italian liqueur and features a drawing of a famous tree in San Francisco: a Blue Gum Eucalptus tree.  From this post on NewSchoolBeer comes this description of the tree on the label:

This year’s hand-drawn label features a Blue Gum Eucalyptus tree, a nod to Mary Ellen Pleasant – a 19th-century San Francisco entrepreneur, financier, abolitionist, and civil rights activist. Pleasant, who is recognized as the “Mother of Civil Rights in California” for her impact during gold-rush San Francisco, planted Blue Gum Eucalyptus trees outside her Pacific Heights mansion shortly before her death in 1904. In 1974, the city of San Francisco designated the trees a Structure of Merit, recognizing them and their accompanying honorary plaque as Mary Ellen Pleasant Memorial Park.

Here, below, is a photo of the Blue Gum tree on the side of the six-pack carrier:

And, here below is a photo of the label of the bottle:

Beer Advocate gives it a 90, so it seems that this has been warmly received.  

Here's the post from 2021 that showed off a Western Joshua Tree.  And 2022 marks the ninth time that I've posted this Christmas tradition on the blog.

Here's the post from 2022 featuring a Blue Gum Tree in San Francisco.
Here's the post with the packaging from 2021 featuring a Western Joshua Tree.
Here's the post with the bottle from 2020. Featuring Towering Sequoia trees (multiple trees)
Here's the post with the bottle from 2019. Featuring Arborvitae. (Is that a tree??)
Here's the post with the bottle from 2018. Featuring a Korean Pine tree and a red label.
Here's the post with the bottle from 2017. Featuring Santa Lucia Fir tree.
Here's my post with the bottle from 2016. 1000 mile tree - the lone pine.
Here's the post with the bottle from 2015. A Deodar Cedar. Also a photo of the six-pack carrier.
And here's the post with the bottle from 2010. A Ginko tree.


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