Gladiator Alliums Emerge - First Season - March 2023

Last Fall, I didn't plant as many Fall bulbs as I have planted in previous seasons.  But, I did plant some:  12 Gladiator Allium bulbs were added to the front porch bed.  Right in front of the existing boxwoods in the front porch bed.  In terms of layers, this means that we're looking at (from back to front currently):  porch, hydrangea, boxwood, mid-size allium bulbs. These get anywhere from 36" to 60" tall (depending on the info source).  

I planted all twelve of these in mid-October.  And, just like some of the other Allium bulbs - including these Christophii which are showing early foliage emergence this year - these Gladiators are starting to peek through for the first time.   Looking back at this post showing where I planted the Gladiators, it appears that I dug six holes and tucked two bulbs in per hole.  

Here are a few photos showing the tips peeking through the mulch this week (below): 

Right now, I don't count twelve plants, but I *am* seeing that pair-situation in spots; where the double bulb planting is showing up with two plants like in the photo above (on the right side).

My focus for the next few days is going to be on sorting this bed - and what I want to do here for the season.  My biggest priority (besides the two that I already posted about:  under the Lindens and IB2DWS extended) for the season will be sorting this bed.  My current thinking is adding a whole second (in front) layer of boxwoods, making room for the Disneyland Roses and replanting a replacement hydrangea.  Then, front with some annuals to provide a pop of color. But, that's for a whole separate post.


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