Gilt Edge Toad Lillies Summer Update - August 2023

A few years back, after getting to know them via Erin the Impatient Gardener, I planted three Gilt Edge Toad Lilies back by the firepit.  Three of them.  That first year, they did great.  They were about to bloom (I think), when the dang rabbits found them.  And gnawed them right off

The second growing season (2022), the rabbits, once again, found them.  And ate 'em up.  That's when I put up some Chicken Wire rings.  I left them in place all-year-around.

And today?  I have two Toad lilies.  Or...maybe this is just ONE plant that has two stems.  They're awfully close to be two different plants, right?  I'm not sure.  See below for a few photos showing these survivors in their chicken wire protection ring:

I've said a few times that I should add more of these and I stand by that.  But, I think I need to see if these can get into a place where they're more rabbit-resistant.  Either by being more productive or less tender.  


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