Dahlia Tubers Ordered - Milena Fleur and Cornel Bronze Ball - December 2023

In my 2023 recap post, I included a list of ten 'lessons learned' or takeaways from the year.  They were a mix of looking back and a few looking ahead.  One of them was about flowers.  I wrote that "Flowers continue to be a little bit outside my comfort zone. Change that. I started this Fall, but plenty more room to grow/go. Countertop arrangements need flowers. Try some dahlias, too."

When I said that I 'started', that meant the late-season plantings like the Blue Fortune Agastache, a Pow Wow Wildberry coneflower, a pair of May Night Salvias and some purple foliage Pentstemons (all IB2DWS).    And, I've had a lot of fun with the Disneyland Roses - including in arrangements.  

I've also done a little bit of dabbling with Dahlias over the years.  But, I've always treated them as annuals and haven't invested much in the tubers.  I grew Night Queens.  And some orange ones.  And Cactus dahlias, too.    

Over the years, I've kept a little list of Dahlias that I've come across on the Web that I thought would work well with our Disneyland Roses (in an arrangement) and when they were restocked at Longfield Gardens, I jumped on a few of them.  Here, below, is my order showing some Cornel Bronze Ball Dahlias and some Milena Fleur Decorative Dahlias.  They're both going to ship on April 8th of 2024.

Right now, I'm thinking that I'll plant these alongside the Disneyland Roses - on the southside of the house and use them (mostly) as cut flowers vs bedding plants.


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