Two May Night Salvias Planted IB2DWS - November 2023

What's something that is pretty common in gardens around here that I've lacked?  Salvia.  I've picked-up-and-put-down dozens of Salvias over the years.  Why?  Because I wasn't sure.  Wasn't sure about anything Salvia-related.  Size?  Will they flop?  Are they too tall?  And more questions like that.

But, when I found a couple of containers of May Night Salvia at the end-of-season sale at the orange store, I whipped out my phone. What did I find? From Monrovia:
Tall spikes of indigo blue flowers top compact mounds of soft, green foliage. This showy perennial is excellent for mixed borders, flower beds and patio containers.
From Walters Garden:
This award winning salvia is a top performer in the landscape. Dense spikes of deep violet-purple flowers are produced in early summer and will continue longer if deadheaded.
Bluestone Perennials says:
1997 PPA Plant of the YearOne of our favorite Salvia. Spikes of the deepest blue begin in late May and continue through the summer. Up to 2' tall in bloom. It is a sight to see! Butterflies adore Salvia. Also goes by S. Mainacht.

Eek.  I'm so afraid of flowers, that I was still on the fence until I saw that Bluestone listing.  I brought home a pair of plants that had somehow made it to the end of the season at that place.  I figured...if they can survive with that much neglect, these are tough plants. 

I tucked them in the new conifer garden - IB2DWs extended.  Here's hoping for blooms in 2024:

I'm posting this in November 2023, but I did this dividing and transplanting in mid-October 2023.

My 2023 Fall Planting List - so far - includes a number of new and divided plants.  

Now up to 65 new plants.  And 10 new via division.  75 total for 2023 #FallPlanting.  30 of them are groundcover plants.  Eight sedums.


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