Canadian Hemlock: LOST

That's our very small Canadian Hemlock up above in happier times:  right after planting.  But, alas, the tree is gone.  Lost it this Summer due to drying out.  Just like our Fraser Fir.  I don't have a photo of the carcass of the Hemlock unfortunately.  I took it back to Menards and didn't take the care to photograph the deceased.

This makes five tree's we've lost.  Two of them pure conifers, one deciduous conifer.

1.  Chanticleer Pear 3" caliper tree.  Which we might lose again.
2.  The Corkscrew Willow I planted for Nat all the way in the back.  Might be a good thing knowing they're ratty trees.
3.  The Fraser Fir.  And our dreams of grow-our-own Christmas Trees.
4.  The Dawn Redwood that we replaced.
5.  This small Canadian Hemlock.

26 up, five down.  Two of them replaced.  Net of 23 trees alive and well in our reforestation.  In two seasons.  Only one of which is a conifer (Weeping Cedar) and two of which are deciduous conifers (replacement Dawn Redwood and newly planted Bald Cypress.)

2017 season:  Nine trees planted (one conifer)
2018 season:  Seventeen trees planted (Four conifers.  Also includes two replacement trees from previous season)


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