Tree Dreaming: Diana Weeping Japanese Larch

Two days ago was the latest in the run of [tree dreaming] posts featuring this columnar Japanese Larch called "Paper Lanterns" that throws off these beautiful - and delicate - paper-y cones.  In that post, I mentioned that I while I haven't covered Larch trees before, in looking at columnar Larches, I came across a tree that checks a couple of really desirable boxes for my tastes in trees.

Is there a tree that is:

  • a deciduous conifer.  
  • Puts on a 'Fall show'.
  • Is Japanese-inspired.
  • Grows in a narrow, columnar form.
  • Displays a weeping branching structure.
  • considered contorted.  

Turns out, there's a tree that checks all six of those boxes.  It is called the Diana Weeping Larch.  I found it when I was looking around at columnar larches and found this story on FineGardening about trees in tight spaces.  They showed this photo (below) of the Diana Weeping Japanese Larch.  This is a special tree, isn't it:

This is not my photo.  Found here via Fine Gardening.

Their piece talks about this unique Larch tree and it's virtues and attributes:
A contorted, upright tree like ‘Diana’ weeping larch is strong enough visually to work as an accent and bold enough to separate a space, yet remains open to what lies beyond it. ‘Diana’ will eventually reach a height well above eye level, and although it has foliage down to the ground, it won’t act as a solid wall, blocking off the rest of the garden. This deciduous conifer has year-round interest, with pendulous, needled branches draping gracefully in summer; turning bright golden orange in fall before dropping; and exposing a contorted, branching silhouette in winter. It reemerges with soft, tufted, lime green needles in spring.
(Emphasis, mine).  I mean...come on.  This thing hits all the right notes for me.

Monrovia describes the tree below and mentions that it is suitable down to Zone 4.

The part about 'contorted branches' really gets me.  I posted this past Summer about a contorted tree was came across at Disneyland Paris and I have been thinking about a tree like that ever since.

In fact, the American Conifer Society mentions that this Diana Larch is similar to the Contorted Filbert.  From the American Conifer Society listing:
Larix kaempferi 'Diana' a fast-growing tree from of Japanese larch with branches that twist, contort and corkscrew somewhat similarly to contorted filbert, the green needles also are twisted giving `Diana' even more character. A must for the connoisseur of the interesting and unusual.
"A must for the connoisseur of the interesting and unusual.'  I love that.


As I post more of these 'tree dreaming posts' this Winter,  I've decided to do a property inventory of my columnar tree dreams.  These are trees that if I come across, I'd be hard-pressed to not add to our yard:


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