Draft 2021 To-Do List (So Far) In The Yard And Garden - February 2021

Before I headed down the path too far this Winter, I wanted to start to get my arms around a DRAFT 2021 To-Do list for the yard and garden.  Posting a couple of my 'priority areas' the past few days has forced me to begin to figure out where I want to spend my time and attention.  I'm planning on getting to a full/final 2021 list in the coming weeks, but for now, I thought I could work up a draft to see where I am in terms of my current thinking and what I would need to do to fill in some of the spots.

Here's where I am - as of early February.  Just 15 items so far.  I know there are plenty more bouncing around in my head and once the snow melts and I walk the property, selecting the remaining ten will be tough.

1.  Priority Area 1 - calls for 15 #1 containers of shade perennials.

2.  Priority Area 2 - calls for A LOT of new perennials.  

3.  Planting a mass of Lemon Coral Sedum like a carpet.  Somewhere. 

4.  Creating a Block I topiary.  

5.  Stain the patio container made of wood.  (carry-over from previous years)

6.  Lay down a new Soaker Hose under the Hornbeams.

7.  Lay down a thick layer of mulch and clean up the newly created bed north of the Driveway.

8.  Divide up the Coral Bells along the side of the garage

9.  Transplant Naperville Foster plants (carry-over from previous years)

10.  Along with cleaning up the bed, make a call on the troubled Chanticleer Pear north of the Driveway.

11.  Go all-in on the American Elm "found" bonsai in the yard by clipping and removing the tree.

12.  Patio trees.  Of some sort

13.  Relocate our firepit and organize/plan the NOOK area - including an outbuilding AND seating area behind the 'focal point' of the Harry Lauder Walking Stick tree.  Also think about the bocce ball court

14.  Build something else.  Chairs, ideally.

15.  Figure out tool storage. 


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