Christmas Tree Hosta - August 2022

First planted as a tiny nursery hosta (from Menards) in 2018, we have a lone Christmas Tree Hosta in our backyard, under the Northern Red Oak tree swing tree.  That means this hosta is in its fifth growing season.  I posted a photo of it in August of 2020 - right about two years ago.  Check it out here.  Last August (2021), I included an inventory of some (potential) division candidates and included this hosta

 Finally... last Fall (2021), I included a photo of its yellow foliage right as it was heading towards dormancy.  

So...what does it look like today?  See below for the current state:

It has continued to put on more size and mass.  That should go on my Fall 2022 division candidate list.   Earlier this Summer, I mentioned that some of the bare root Frances Williams hostas need to be relocated.  They're in the same bed as this one.    Add these all to the list along with the purple Astilbes that I posted about last week.  

Here's the [Fall 2022] task list.


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