Late August / Early September Floribunda Rose Bloom - Disneyland Rose 3rd Flush of Season - September 2023

Yesterday, I shared a few photos of the Disneyland Floribunda Rose in its native environment: a flower bed in New Orleans Square in Disneyland Park.  Today, I'm taking a look at the three (more) mature Disneyland Roses that we have planted in full sun on the southside of our house.  They, too are in bloom; having just started their third flush of pink/salmon/orange flowers on medium-length stems.

Below are a few photos showing these floribunda roses:

Disneyland Rose in full pink and orange bloom in home garden - Zone 5b

The blooms of a Disneyland Rose in a Home Garden

This is the third 'flush' of blooms for the season.

Early June - First Blooms
Early August - Second Blooms
Late August/Early September - Third Blooms (this post)

In 2022 (last season), I was seeing blooms last all the way into early November.  It seems that this third flush of blooms is a bit earlier than 2022 (last year, I saw them all the way at the end of September), so perhaps that fourth bloom will be pulled a bit forward, too. 

While I was out there admiring the Disneyland Roses, I also sprinkled them with rose food (fertilizer).  This will be my last application of rose food for the year, as the Web suggests that we should stop feedling roses six-weeks-or-so prior to our first frost.  The Farmer's Almanac has us down for an October 11th 'first frost', so we're just about six weeks out from there.   

Last season, I applied fertilizer to our Disneyland Roses on September 3rd

With this application, I will have put down four doses of rose food across the Summer - completing one of my 'seasonal tasks' on my 2023 to-do list.  

April rose fertilizer application

May rose fertilizer application

July rose fertilizer application

September rose fertilizer application

Up next on my rose project list is to protect them from Winter.  


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