Lionel Operating Barrel Car: 6-9290

With our Christmas Train (The Mantleburg Line) set up down in the basement for the first time in a few years, I've been able to go a little deeper into the archives of Lionel O Gauge cars and accessories than before.  One of the cars that I picked up over the years is this Operating Barrel Car.  It is in this weird gold and brown Lionel box listed as "Limited Edition Series".  This is the only car that is in *this* style of box.

It runs on the Union Pacific line and is Lionel #6-9290.

Inside the box is the car.  Along with six barrels and the little tray that the barrels land in when you operate the car.

In the most ideal situation, you wouldn't use that little tray, but instead have a barrel loader accessory (which we don't have!).  To give you a sense for how it would work together, here's a video showing the operating car (that we have!) along with the loader.

We're going to get this car up and running on the Mantleburg line tonight, so I'll try to get my own video of the kids running the car to share.

I've covered a few other [operating cars] that run on the Mantleburg line over the years.

Here's a post about our Lionel Target Launcher Car that runs a little fan with balloon.  Kinda neat.
Here's a post about our Lionel Weyerhaeuser Operating Log Dump car that unloads logs.
Here's a post about a catalog item from Lionel - the "Chicken Sounds" Dispatch Sweep Car.  Didn't buy it, but really like it.
Similarly, here's a cool catalog item from this year:  Lionel Moe and Joe Lumber Flatcar.  The two guys unload planks of wood.  Didn't buy it (yet!)
Here's a post about the Lionel St. Nick operating billboard.  While not a car, still an 'operating' accessory.
Another accessory is this Post-War Lionel 45N operating Gateman.  Bought at a flea market and given to my Dad.


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