Celebration Series Lionel Santa Fe Operating Horse Car and Corral 6-19895

Just yesterday, I posted about with the kid's Christmas Train (the Mantleburg Line) set up in the basement, we're using more of our cars that we've picked up in the past few years while the trains were in storage.  The operating barrel car that I shared yesterday was, as I noted, in a weird color gold and brown box from Lionel

In that post, I showed the components of the operating car - including the barrels, the car and just the simple tray to 'collect' the barrels once they're pushed out of the car.  We run FasTrack from Lionel, so *that* setup is easy to use.  Meaning...you don't need to modify any of the track/trackside in any way.   The little tray just sits next to a segment of operating FasTrack and the car simply "works".  Nice and easy - especially for us with the kids at the controls. 

Today's post is about a different operating car:  The 3356 Santa Fe Operating Horse Car and Corral.  Lionel part 6-19895.  The car is listed as being built by Lionel in 2004. 

Here's a look at the entire system.  Note:  the car at the bottom.  On the top of the photo below is the corral underneath a set of wires, the manual and a lock-on and a little switch.  The lock-on is an important thing to note.

Here's the side panel of the box with the full description of this Horse Car and Corral.  Lists seven horses.  But, this sidepanel (and the box top in the first photo) also show something else:  this is part of the Postwar Celebration Series.    It is hard to find full product/line description of this Series online, but the basics are that these are updated replicas of the key Postwar cars from Lionel's line.  Postwar is, I think, the highpoint for O Gauge rail collectors, so this was/is an attempt to bring back some of those special cars with updated mechanicals.  For someone like me, it is a neat idea.  But in practice, it isn't great. 

Why isn't this Horse Car and Corral great for us?  Welp, it has to do with three things:

1.  Kids.  They are the operators.
2.  Wiring.  It is complicated.
3.  FasTrack.  We use it.

Let's start with the kids.  They are unable to grok these older, more difficult operating accessories.  We have some of my Dad's (i.e. coal tower) and the controls are wonky. It needs to be easy if they are to use it.

Then wiring.  We need to have all of our operating accessories in a reachable place.  Our layout is temporary and small.  So, the wires are bound to be just laying on the surface.  When there's wires running to and from the accessory, through a switch to the transformer - it is too much for me to deal with frankly. 

And finally FastTrack.  Yes, we know (and own) the transition pieces from FasTrack to traditional three rail O Gauge track.  And we use them (sometimes).  But, FasTrack is easier.  Holds together better.  And, well, see above:  easier to deal with.  This car comes with a Lock-on and corral that are equipped for traditional three rail track.  The lock-on fits that old-style track.  And the corral has these little feet that fit under the track to allow it to hold snug.  With FasTrack, the fit just isn't there.

So, while I do love me some operating accessories, they have to be easy to use and work with FasTrack.  I'm thinking this one is going to up on eBay to see if I can get a few bucks for it and then use that money to go out and buy some of the latest Lionel Plug-n-Play accessories like this horse car and corral carrying the Western & Atlantic Horse line name

I've covered a few other [operating cars] that run on the Mantleburg line over the years.

Here's yesterday's post about the operating barrel car in the weird Lionel gold and brown box. 
Here's a post about our Lionel Target Launcher Car that runs a little fan with balloon.  Kinda neat.
Here's a post about our Lionel Weyerhaeuser Operating Log Dump car that unloads logs.
Here's a post about a catalog item from Lionel - the "Chicken Sounds" Dispatch Sweep Car.  Didn't buy it, but really like it.
Similarly, here's a cool catalog item from this year:  Lionel Moe and Joe Lumber Flatcar.  The two guys unload planks of wood.  Didn't buy it (yet!)
Here's a post about the Lionel St. Nick operating billboard.  While not a car, still an 'operating' accessory.
Another accessory is this Post-War Lionel 45N operating Gateman.  Bought at a flea market and given to my Dad.


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