Four Twinkle Toes Lungwort Via Division - November 2023

I'm on a roll with dividing - ferns, seslaria, Astilbes.  Today, spotted Lungwort.

Last Fall, I transplanted my three Twinkle Toes Lungwort from the back of a bed, closer to the front.  Those three have thrived in their new spot.  But, they also left behind a few little surprises.   In the spot where the three transplants were living previously sprouted up three whole Twinkle Toes Lungwort plants.   I, of course hedged.  I dug up two of them and left one in place.  The two that I dug up, I divided.  Creating four new Twinkle Toes Lungworts.  I put two on the front of the border next to the newly transplanted Fanal Astilbes on the north side.  

I tucked one in next to the Ghost Fern on the Boardwalk:

And the fourth went in at the stoop on the side gravel walkway:

Below is an 'after' photo that shows the three big clumps in front and the one volunteer that I left in place.  Next year, I'll lift it out and divide again.  I'd also like to find another variety to add as part of my 'hosta replacement' project in 2024.

I'm posting this in November 2023, but I did this dividing and transplanting in mid-October 2023.

My 2023 Fall Planting List - so far - includes a number of new and divided plants.  

Now up to 68 new plants.  And 24 new via division.  92 total for 2023 #FallPlanting.  30 of them are groundcover plants.  Eight sedums.


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