Yesterday afternoon, I cut out of work early (I left my desk...) and Maisy and I headed downtown to meet up with Nat. We were all set to head to the Jeff Twedy Show at the Abbey Pub. Good times, right? Turned out great! Well, I got there a bit early and Nat hadn't gotten home from work yet, so me and Maisy ran over to Barker and Meowsky for a new sweater and she dug it. It's a pinch big, but hopefully she'll 'grow' into it. (She's turning into a bit of a 'fatty arbuckle' as it is!!)

We got back and Natalie was home. Outsmarting ourselves, we thought, 'Hey! Let's just get chow at the Abbey instead of SoupBox or Tomatohead. Irish Nachos and Ruebens and such. Well, as we're walking up to the Abbey, sure as shit, we run into Jeff Tweedy, his wife Sue Miller, their 2 boys, what appeared to be one of Jeff's cronies/guitar techs/friends, and a hot nanny. Jeff was carrying 2 clamshell carryout styrofoam containers and the kids weren't happy about having to head home with the Nanny.

Natalie says, "Oh shit, there he is. That's Jeff Tweedy!"

Jake: "ahhhhhh" **starring starry-eyed***

We didn't say anything to him but we stared at him and he gave a a glance back and big smile. No cameras, no pictures, but definately pretty cool moment. We didn't want to say anything because of the kids and wife and such, but we probably should have. Something like 'Break a leg' or something else just as dumb.

After was saw him, we got all gushy and ran into the pub. It was packed. We noshed on some chicken fingers, drank a few Blue Moons and Diet Cokes, then mosied on into the hall.

Small place. Lots of Jagoffs for some reason. Determined not to let them ruin our night, Nat and I danced, swayed, and sang to our hearts content with our boy-hero Jeff Tweedy leading the way. Tweedy was in rare form last night with his banter. Some of the aforementioned jagoffs went too far, but Tweedy came right back at them.

He threw down a new Loose Fur song about Jesus 'smoking crack' which was a highlight and played 'Airline to Heaven' among others.

Here's Tony's brief take and some pics. We hooked up with him in the bar pre-show.
Dig Arrested Development? Go read this whole deal. TVSquad got burned it seems, but the show is headed to Showtime, so that's nice, right?
USC's Daily Trojan knew Bob Dylan, and admits Conor Oberst is no Bob Dylan.:
What would the scruffy old veteran say to the up-and-coming musician? Would words of advice be imparted? Would stories be shared? Would compliments be made? 
I don't even think they'd get to words. Let's be serious. Before Oberst could mutter his hellos to the best songwriter in American history, Dylan would smack him in the back of the head like an owner shooing away an obnoxious pet that came to look for food at the dinner table. There would be no conversation.
Now that we got that State of the State nonsense out of the way, we can talk about the big things.

Remember this? If Dring can get on the stick, we'll launch in the coming weeks. I think we're near 40.

Any submissions? Send them in, please...
The guys over at House Republican Leader Tom Cross' office should heed this advice:
Researchers in organisational psychology have confirmed that meetings are, well, evil. A study conducted by the University of Minnesota found that the amount and length of meetings correlate with “negative effects” (burnout, anxiety, and depression) on its participants.
No surprises here. A few reasons why frequent and long meetings are t3h sucK:
They break your working day into small, incoherent pieces on a schedule incompatible with the natural breaks in your flow
They are normally all about words and abstract concepts, not real things (like a piece of code or a screen of design)
They usually contain an abysmal low amount of information conveyed per minute
They often contain at least one moron that inevitably get his turn to waste everyone’s time with nonsense
They drift off subject easier than a rear-wheel driven Chicago cab in heavy snow
They frequently have agendas so vague nobody is really sure what its about
They require thorough preparation that people rarely do anyway
So don’t do meetings. There’s usually a more appropriate way to convey information or query for participation. One that doesn’t lead to burnout, anxiety, and depression! But if you must have a meeting, keep it short. Like, really short. Half an hour is already stretching it.
Oh, and for the love of god, bring something real to the table for people to fiddle with and spur associations from. They won’t be doing their homework anyway, so provide the easiest way for everyone to come up with something meaningful on the spot.

If its not your call to make, be sure to summarize the result of the meeting and inform the participants of the cost of reaching that result. Was it really worth to spend 2 hours x $100/hour x 5 people = $1,000 whether or not to buy a new printer?
Sounds about right...